Keep It Simple(r)

Sometimes life gets in the way, and I forget to remember I can only do things one step at a time. This means remembering to relax. I feel like a hot mess. Wrote something for an outline for an episode one.  I want to write three more outlines, but I feel unsure of the material. My mind’s going to a dozen places at once, and tried as I might, I ended up being divided. Cracked a joke only my immediacy family would get, since it’s based on the reaction of someone. I didn’t expect to laugh, and I didn’t expect to be choke on my tea laughing. Sometimes being silly means a lot.

The weather dipped today, with a taste of gloom, and overcast. It got cold. I hope it warms up a little. Maybe it’s the change in weather. Maybe it’s the changes in seasons ever so slightly. that makes moods go south.

Happy creative endeavors.


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