Hiding Out

Today has been dry. Came out of my room long enough to cook chili, and watch a movie (Now You See Me). Like the film, but the ending was underwhelming. Mom wants to watch some repo show, that is melting what’s left of my mind, and that’s really tried all of my goodwill. So perhaps it’s time to retreat to my room again and simply game. At least I can enjoy it. No brain melt.

At the very least, the repo show got me to stop watching and type. The only way I can describe the show is that there are a bunch of people talking all at once, and that there’s too much happening, and it rubs my senses the wrong way. Sort of how the talk shows do DNA tests and there’s screaming people on the stage, and off. Those kinds of events feel like overstimulation, not to mention banal. Backing away from those type of programs makes me feel better.

The chili came out great, in spite of a taster saying its spicy. I tasted it, and was like, that’s not spicy at all. I restrained on the spice purposefully in order to make it good for everyone. It’s by no means bland, but it barely touches on mild. I left out the jalapeño peppers, and used a smidgen of red pepper flakes. I did use red onions, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and basil. The diced tomatoes were seasoned with chipotle, and have that smoky flavor. I’m betting the seasonings will “peak” tomorrow.

This is my Saturday, and I’m tired.

Happy creative endeavors.

Live long and prosper.


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