The Warm-Up

The weather looks a bit gloomy, and frankly my mood follows. For this day to go well something needs to be done to uplift my spirits. The first thing I though of is writing. Writing begins with a warm-up, a warm up is all about writing. Today’s blog post is my persona pick me up.

Lots of things going on, and I so need to apply for more jobs and keep trying to work. It’s been a rough ass road, however, I think putting effort into my passion shall inspire progress, and progress gets my brain working on things I can do. I’d love to get several of my prose stories completed. I’d love to have scripts, screenplays, and poems worked on. At the very least, my day would be filled with activities.

Perhaps this hasn’t been my week, and that it’ll pass. One thing I can do is turn the tv off the news channels. I’m simply exhausted from listening to it. At some point I haven’t received facts, but a set of shockers. I don’t need to be shocked and appalled in my mood. I need to be uplifted, happy, focused.

So let’s see if I can get some short stories worked on. A few words like this blog posts.

Happy creative endeavors.

Live long and prosper.

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