Early Morning

Woke up early this morning. Mind not functioning properly. That’s fine. I so want to go back to sleep, but handling my biz with family, and there no napping at this point. For the second time I lost my train of thought today. I am sleep deprived, aren’t I?

Spent yesterday job hunting, filling out applications, and writing. The writing came late. Right before bed, and if was a little surmised as I was ready to call it a night, but the character popped into my head, and that’s when I wrote stuff down. Somewhere the character fits into one of my fantasy stories. Somewhere his background matters. Will keep working at it.

I watched some old school movies over the weekend. Terminator was at the top of the list. Hadn’t seen it in ages, and I admit, I loved getting back into it. Some things in the film, I noted as interesting due to the time frame. Cars and locks are a bit more sophisticated than they were in the 80s. I liked that the film, in spit of its subject matter (the attempt to murder Sarah Connor), my eyes could discern the period.

Been watching tv shows from Intelligence to the season finale to Dracula. Dracula is a hot mess, that I like. I’m curious if it gets a second season where will they go. It’s clear a few characters won’t be coming back. Also with alliances shifting and such. Yes, I got all into it.

Looked at Almost Human last night. Wasn’t feeling the episode. Barely paid attention. I like the show, but maybe last night was not good for me. Intelligence was ok. I like when the elements of espionage shine. In a sense the use of cutting edge tech makes me think of Almost Human more. They are not the same shows, but I like science fiction elements/possibilities the show represents.

Live long and prosper.


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