Confessions of a Workaholic

Confession: I feel like I need to do more because I haven’t done a thing. That’s not true. That’s how my mind works. Push for more. The day isn’t blah. It’s time to step back, relax, and look at things anew. For one, I’ve been busy. A little more job searching, and applying to a job. The online form seemed to go on a little, but with time and patience, it was done to satisfaction. That is an accomplishment.

Found a good writing sample to use as a display, and posted it to the right place. That is also a good accomplishment, since it needed editing down to the two-hundred word cap. I do want to blog post several of the writing samples soon, that don’t have a word cap, but I do want to limit their content. Things got done. Yet I felt like I hadn’t done enough.

One thing I wanted to do today stems from last night. Wrote out the beginning of a plot for a story. I knew it was a baby draft, but it’s part of my keep writing line of thought. I need to type what I wrote down. That’s gonna make my day. I also watched a few movies last night, so I was distracted. May fill out more applications today. May write more. I need that plot typed up. May do that now.

Sometimes I worry where my writing’s going. Why don’t I stop? It’s a mess in my head, but I still do it. I don’t think Ill stop. I do feel chaotic and perhaps that’s what I need, but I am positive things will calm down for me, and I’ll write with a lot more clarity.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Live long and prosper.


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