Rain and Writing

So rain pours, and outside looks drab. The sun’s retreated to wherever, leaving a sliver of brightness in its absence. How a wish for warm weather, and bright skies feels like that’s all that matters, and perhaps that’s what needs to be consumed in order to fuel the day. Yet people move on. People still function. How the weather plays with perception and dabbles with well being.

Today has that mopey energy because it looks gloomy and it started with light rain, that went into pouring rain, to silence. This is only the start of the day! Sometimes the weather is odd. Not that the freezing ice and snow a few days ago was preferred. Weather just knows how to take dramatic turns.

Filled my mind with TV shows missed during the week, like Sleepy Hollow, Enlisted, and whatever movie can be seen. Perhaps there needs to be a lot of watching, and getting lost in material. There’s something to said about escapism.

For some reason writing feels blocked, or at least being mopey is in order. Need to have a clear head soon, if anything shall be done today. Writing is too strong to give up on not doing. Moodiness has to go.

Happy creative endeavors


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