Late Night Relaxing

It’s been a busy day. I decided to write a couple of articles as samples of my work, which I may or may not post here, but serve to showcase a little of my writing style. Out of the three I can write, I worked on two. I think they’ll be completed tomorrow. Both need to be 500 words, and revised.

Had more ideas for the screenplay. Yesterday was “jot it down in my free time day.” Did some jotting earlier today, and I’m hoping for some more jotting on those tonight. I do have ideas for the setting of one of the settings and I’d like to revise that on the screenplay directly.

Been watching everything from The Originals, The Total Recall remake, Jack the Giant Slayer, to Chicago PD. So my brain is filled with movies and TV shows. It’s a good thing. I needed to distract myself. It made me think of my other stories. It needs more work. I always feel lazy, yet I write all the time.

Happy creative endeavors.


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