Winter Weather in the Southeast

The snow, ice, and cold has done no positives for me, and several people in SC, unless you like the schools being closed, and most offices shut down as well. Also, I hate the cold. It rather bums me out, and depresses me. I feel distracted, and can’t do as much as I like. What can I say, southeast living really is about warmer temps. This cold, has left me in a bit of discomfort.

This means doing more writing, and admittedly, it didn’t work so well yesterday. I found myself starting a scene, and getting stuck. Here’s where I think I need to do some plotting. I carried the scenes out, but there are some limits.

For one, its genre screenplay (fantasy), so I have to figure out how magic works in this world. Needless to say it has been a challenge. Then I thought of an idea, and explored it in my head, and wrote pieces of it down. It fundamentally changes aspects of the script, which I can rewrite, and going forward gives me something to develop.

I will say, writing the first twenty-plus pages turned out to be a boon. It gave me the raw material to read, and think over. It also allowed me to think about my concept with characters and situations. I need to keep writing. My simple goal for today is to come up with concepts and terms I can use for my story. Inadvertently, this means I may have to change several of the characters. It’s all good too. For me, rewriting is in the mix. I’m pulling out eon and paper for some of this.

It’s good to write.

Happy creative endeavors.

Live long and prosper.


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