Snow Day in Charleston, SC

It’s a snow day. There’s snow in the backyard. I refused to go outside. Looking at CNN that reports that the roads in ATL is gridlocked. My brother is out there, and he’s been in traffic since leaving his job at 2:00 PM yesterday. Clearly no one in charge of the city’s functions are in charge. I am worried about him. I’m praying that he’s ok.

To the city officials of ATL, please get your act together. Your people are suffering while there’s no action to counter/remedy this situation,

Spent less time writing than I should have. I do have some good reasons for slowing. First, I was a bit of a mess with doing some preparations for the cold. Then it was other work around the home, which was necessary. Of course, having a sibling out in the cold really made me nervous, and I allowed creativity abandon me.

Now that I have a fresh opportunity, I need to do something. I like starting off with blog posts during the day, so I home that this launches my mind into the world of writing today.

In some places in SC, the power went out and I am grateful that we didn’t lose power. If it was, I’d go back to bed, wrap up, and wait for the power to return. I’m glad powers been restored for several places.

Let’s hope things change for the better.

Happy creative endeavors, stay warm, and be well.


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