Irons In the Fire

Writing began with the start of this blog post, and shall spread the whole day through. It is the philosophy and power of writing. It never ends in spite of challenges and obstacles. Writing must win out over fear of doing nothing and giving into despair. It happens, but it can mastered.

Sometimes the day has a mopey feel. It’s reflected in that dark morning (sun, why is you hiding?) cold winds (whipped right right through my clothes), and energy seems to coast near meh and functional. Energy’s needed to keep up with creativity and overall mood. Productivity sucks when that energy level feels like a swift crash and burn the freak down, and be like a big ole blah of blahs. Can’t have that today.

In regards to my screenplay project, the quota was met yesterday at page twenty-one. It got to page twenty-three, and one more page brings up the daily minimum (three pages a day). Some scenes are bigger than three pages, so it grows. Being ahead doesn’t mean I get to slack off. I must do more.

Happy creative endeavors.

Creativity is the key to success.


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