Late Night Reflections

Had an idea for a scene and decided that it would be cool to develop, even for a line or two. It’s fantasy genre, and I was positive it was going to be a short story. I decided, since it was a dialog heavy impression, maybe a screenplay would serve me. So it went into screenplay formatting. I like what I’ve done, so far. I hope to make progress with that.

Spent part of the day cooking spaghetti, and I lost one of my hates. Don’t know where it went. It will likely turn up after I stop trying to search for it. The food was good as there are no complaints from the family. So that’s a win.

My reg projects got no love today (my bad). I’m shocked at myself. I wanted more from the standby stories. I will say I was inspired late last night’s writing for a dark comedy. I just typed what came to me. I did write more in the Notes app today. Some stories seem to fit writing in the Notes app. It reminds me, thematically, of my last dark comedy.

I did clean up/revise my last short story yesterday. I need the story to grow and flow, so I hope to breakthrough that sucker. Just a few lines will start me off. I’m being a chicken boo for not getting on top of material.

The outlines for the tv show concept needs work. I have yet to address them. I will, soon. The cool down period for this story is the singular benefit I’m seeing at the moment. Having other ideas all in the mix has allowed me to “forget” this show for a while. Not that I didn’t brainstorm out ideas earlier this week for the series.

Gotta keep on keeping on.

Happy creative endeavors.

Creativity is the key to success.


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