The Plan for Today

It’s quite simple; I have my notebook that I scribbled some rewrites down. Now I type them up. Yes I will. I found myself revising the lines for clarity as I typed. Couldn’t help myself.

This particular short story has gone on too long as being unfinished. When I first worked on it, I put it down because it became intense emotionally. Leaving it be made sense, and perhaps after a day I should have gotten back on the saddle. I abandoned it. But for the fact that parts of the story that bothered me, word-wise, would I have returned to revise? The emotional intensity is still there, unresolved.

It’s one word at a time, but I have to climb this hurdle. I’m scared. Who knew a story could bring forth such a challenge for me, let alone still inspire me to keep writing.

Last night I wrote out some dialog for a short fantasy piece. I want to see where it goes, but it needs work. I heard the characters’ voices, but what I need is a flailed perspective. Which character is telling the story? He needs to give me his perspective on everything.

I go off and do this thing. I have more for the first story.

Happy creative endeavors.

Creativity is the key to success.


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