Tuesday is Beat the Pavement Day

I needed a haircut, and I got it.  Never mind that I didn’t get up early, and my breakfast was abysmal. It simply happened that way, and there’s not time traveling to fix it. Somehow I’m not upset about that. Doing some job hunting, and like a rank amateur, I didn’t charge my laptop last night, so I’m not at 100% capacity.  Best to make the most out of what I’ve got. Searching is frustration.  Gotta keep at it thought.

Writing has been a struggle. Was working on a ten-page story I’m determined to keep at ten pages. The issue has been the last scene, which seems to want to keep more, and I needed to add a few passages at the beginning and middle, to make the last part feel connected. I’m stressing myself over this. Maybe that’s what it needs from me, stressing.

Writing’s funny. I keep getting interrupted by well-meaning forces. Family is an endless source of attention. My disdain for watching TV  of a reg basis anymore doesn’t mesh well with others. If I isolate myself to write, I get asked “what am I doing,” and peeps need help more than I imagined. I’m a hot freaking mess of a mess.

All I can do is keep working. This story will resolve itself.  Also while trying to work that out, I got the inspiration for the opening of a script that’s been in my head for a while. So five pages of something lured forth, and I’m glad for that. Now this short story needs some legs. I really want the final pages to be done this week. Leave it to me to make ten pages a decadent affair.

Happy creative endeavors.


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