Inspiration and the Critical Eye

Five pages into the latest story, and I already know I have to chop out content. Frankly speaking, not everything seems to be working. I’ve taken too long to get to what the heart of the story is about. Normally I prefer to wait until after I’ve gotten a first draft to edit but, I’m going make an exception this time.

I’m also using my voice to type this via my iPhone. It’s an experiment but I think it’ll work out, with some modest editing. It’s not a bad experiment. I kind of want to try this with actually writing a story. At the very least, I am very happy that there’s various materials I can use to write in different ways and methods.

Back to the story I was writing. I was a bit excessive in describing and having dialogue and it’s not working at all. With this story, I wanted something it was 10 to 15 pages long. At the rate I’m writing, I’m likely going to double that amount which is not good. Part of writing this short story is creating something with an economy of words and pages. I feel that I failed at that already, so I’m hopefully not being self-defeating. I do want to stick to my goal, however I also want to address that writing this material and keeping with the rules I have isn’t only an exercise, but it’s about quality. I need to strive to do different things with my short stories in order to keep them very indifferent and fresh.

All I can do is keep striving to do better. That’s all anyone can do. Admittedly, I love when I keep thinking about how to write better, how to approach writing differently how to approach my subjects with new eyes. Also experimenting rules!

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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