My Tuesday Warm Up

What I used to do, and need to fall back into the habit of doing is my daily writing warm-ups. Warm-ups are simple; I get my stop watch and for twenty minutes I write without stopping-barring an emergency. That means getting the story/thoughts drown on paper (or file). I need to do this at least once per day. If I’m going to keep waking up early (thanks daylight savings time), I might as well get back into something productive, as opposed to moping about.

As mentioned in previous posts, I discovered some older short stories on my hard drive, and I’m working towards revising the lot of them. I like looking back, as my writing has had its evolutions. I love that I have the opportunity to look back. I love that there is enthusiasm for not letting the older material simply fade into the ether. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop producing new material. I write new stuff down all the time.

Speaking of new stuff, I still have a really disconnected horror story to work on. I used the word “disconnect” because when I wrote it, I wasn’t trying to take it “serious” by means of destining the structure. I I don’t know what was happening fully, or all the characters. It was most disconcerting, and at the same time liberating. Perhaps I don’t need to know a thing. Perhaps the story will go nowhere. Perhaps after I write it out, I may only have a portion of the material to work from. As I always say, writing is rewriting, and in previous stories, I’ve written material that was cut entirely because it didn’t work.

Hoping to get a few more stories into Scrivener, as I love the program, and feel I need to use it more.  One short story last night was imported and corrected, so I was happy with that. It was an experiment I hope to try again. The story is primarily dialogue, with few descriptives. I like playing with story methods, and would like to try this technique again soon.  The story I wrote was smaller in scale, but I think that’s appropriate for what I wrote.

This story has to chill for a bit, as I think I got the editing completed. It’ll give it a fresh read (some possible revisions too), then it’s time to go onto the next story. I should make a list in my notebook of these stories so I know what’s been worked on, and what’s next. While in the midst of putting a folder together, it didn’t occur to me to do so. Of course, now that I am writing, my mind is like, you need your notebook. The mind always has a trick or two for me to fall for.

I’m hoping for those who are creative, that your own projects are going well/making progress. I know from experience that procrastinating, frustrations, and worrying can make a person stop writing (at least for the moment), but I encourage all creators to get back on the saddle. At least try another story or diversion (poetry, short story, a character study), anything to get your mind off of what ails you and processing.  It doesn’t have to be another story. perhaps a different project, a movie, something. yes that sounds like procrastinating, but you gotta do something, right?

First emergency came up to distract me:  forgot to turn off my alarm clock, and it’s too loud to ignore. And that took all of ten seconds to cut off and return. I suspect editing this piece will take more effort than writing, and I’m willing to add ten more seconds to the revision time. In the future, I’ll be placing those twenty minutes on a story, so I’ll have to get that done. I have notecards filled with topics, so I’m a indulge in those as topics for writing soon.

So for those of us who need a break from writing, I wonder what you do? I know I love games, TV/movies, and reading. Sometimes they provide inspiration. Other times they are just escapes. I love that I have that option though. Even with no cable, I manage to watch Netflix, Hulu, and enjoy material, so I imagine others can too.  There’s always DVDs if you have them, and renting/borrowing. It’s good if you have those services.

Closing in on my last three minutes of writing, which has gotten me a little nervous as I think I have nothing to say. I’m glad I woke up, and I’m hoping to turn this energy into something positive and productive. Not too many people would get out of bed and start writing. Me, I powered up the laptop, told myself that I need to write something worth writing, and dove into it. Sometimes I think that’s all we need to do-dive in. Like in a pool. If you try to wade in, and the water’s cold, you’ll never go in. Dive in, and you forget it all, it doesn’t even feel cold.

Happy creative endeavors.


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