Baby’s Gonna Fly Soon

So I got the short story into final draft. It’s time to work on getting it to a literary magazine. Not much left to say, but to do it, and hope for the best.

Today, I peeped through a book on using better language, and happened upon what is a cliche in writing. Lo and behold what to I see but the phrase “grinning from ear to ear.” I didn’t know it was a cliche-I certainly didn’t see it a lot, yet there it was staring at me. Likewise, in the past, I didn’t know describing a character in a mirror was chichi either, but there it was pointed out to me until a few people point that out. For the record I used the ear to ear in my short story, so I changed that immediately.

Still watching season one of Strike Back. I owe myself another episode before I have to get busy with other interests. Later on I get to pull up one of my old stories and rework it so that I have another story ready to go off to lit magazines. This one needs to go through Scrivener as well. I got feedback on this one, so I have a lot to work on/from.  Late tonight I plan to type out a lot and get things done. it’d be nice to see two stories ready to fly this week.

Happy creative endeavors.


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