Eighteen Pages

It’s been a couple of months since I wrote the first draft of this story, and last night I saw fit to edit it once more. I marked all over the pages with corrections, and was more than happy with the progress of my revisions. Based on the changes made, I was more than convinced the page count was going up from seventeen to at least to nineteen-twenty. Well I took away equal parts to what I added, and the page count stayed at seventeen. The word count is lower (by forty-six words). On top of that I was inspired to create the perfect title for this story. The title stays, at the very least.

While the current draft is a Word document, I compiled it from Scrivener. I do think having the software helped me shape the story better than I did in the past. I was able to separate each scene and evaluate them. I even have the option of deleting scenes. I have to admit, parts of this journey frustrated me, and I was wrapped up in getting it together. The pause between fist draft and revising is worth it. Not bad from a story I intially wrote with the Notes app on my iPhone. It remains one of my best stories.

When I went to bed, and tried to drift off, my mind was flooded with thoughts for the story. I typed them up on the Notes app, then immediately revised them. I emailed them to myself, and when I got up, I decided to add them to the story. The page count did go up today (eighteen pages). I also managed to correct some misspellings and grammatical/tense errors along the way this morning.  I’ll give it another full look-through later tonight. It needs to cool down.

The ultimate goal is to get this story to a literary magazine for publication. I’d love to see it be the start of my published writing career. I also made an inventory of several projects I have that need my attention. Once I’m done with this, I’d love to move directly onto one of those stories, and keep repeating this process of writing and rewriting. It beats feeling ugh, meh, or blah all day.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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