It’s Not Really Work, Is It?

Last night, as I binged watched a couple of shows, I looked about my apartment, I was like, “I didn’t do much today.” That was incorrect. Writing and revising got done. I cooked, and I relaxed a little.  Sometimes as worked up as I can get about writing, it is hard work, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like chores. I do need to do more cleaning up, but that’s not the issue.

Got to watch some TV shows and enjoy them. Tried NBC’s new Dracula series. It has little to do with the book. More like a dramatic reinterpretation of the character who’s seeking vengeance. I’ll give it a few more episodes to win me over.  Right now I’m merely curious about the progress.

Got to see a little more of Marvel’s Agents of Shield. It’s slowly shaping up to something I may want to watch. I originally skipped the last two episodes, and now I’m all turned in. Also caught the latest Arrow episodes. I love watching this show. I binge watched the first season on Netflix, and saw the current eps. It’s been a fun show. Not disappointed so far.

Today will consist of more chores, such as writing. I have a few outlines to perfect, and the time to do them properly. Likewise another pass at a short story. I don’t even know what draft it is, but the goal is to catch errors, repetitions, and have a re-reading of the story aloud to see what I can see. That and ideas just poured into me on how to rewrite a scene for my fantasy short stories, and the other story could use some touch ups as well.

Happy creative endeavors to all.


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