The Imperfect Storm

Yesterday I attempted to revise one of my short stories (in part to reduce the page count). I discovered that changes to the draft lead to page expansions. I added more descriptions and actions as I removed several passages. To be fair to myself, I made the additions for clarity, and removed parts for their lack of clarity. Previously, this story contained twenty pages at first draft. I edited down it down to eighteen about a week ago. Yesterday I got it down to seventeen. Each occasion I removed paragraphs, corrected mistakes, and revised descriptions and dialog

The methods for the story are unconventional.  In this case, the name of the methods are, unreliable narrator (self-serving protagonist, and you won’t get the truth), and slice of life (think of it like a series of blog posts that describe a situation-where you don’t always get full conflicts and/or resolutions-just elements of the event).

In addition to the aforementioned methods, I included dark, psychological elements (personality disorders, paranoia, and violent fantasies).  Class and race issues came into play as well. Lastly, I used, a style often considered non-confrontational- where the protagonist has an epiphany about themselves, as opposed to a true conflict oriented resolution. Needless to say I don’t think it fully fits in one place, and expectations of readers got dashed for some who read a more conventional story with expected conflict-resolutions.

I need to take another pass at the story. Don’t get me wrong either. I think the themes are well in place, and  this short story is one of my best. As I typed and revised this post I tightened the epiphany. I hope it elevates the story where it needs to go.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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