Keeping Creative

Today’s supposed to be my “late to sleep day,” but I woke up early and was more than convinced that it was already late. It only serves to point out that maybe I should have set the alarm clock. So disorientation ruled, along with some neck pain (took ibuprofen-pain’s gone). Now sipping on a hot, spicy ginger drink that is supposed to help with congestion.  Dunno if it’s doing that yet.

Also got Scrivener open and using it to write my latest short story. I had a thought, last night that this current story should be broken into two or three parts.  I say this because the first part of the story seems so divorced from the first par, and the second part goes into a different direction.  While they are companion pieces, I don’t think they should be the same story (unless this is a really a novella).

Originally I thought I was going to have to chop the sec ions I worked on out all together.  I do like what I wrote, but I was willing to make that cut. If I hadn’t decided that I still had a lot to tell with this story, I might have cut the whole thing out. Who knows, it could be finished, and still get scrapped. It sounds like that’s crazy, BUT what I’m trying to do is keep from making the story overly convoluted. So a series of events or interconnected story may work out well.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I have a “Vampire” story I was supposed to post on my blog, but I haven’t worked on it yet.  No, the vampire doesn’t sparkle. He doesn’t even understand love.

P.SS. I realized, as I typed this that I have at least five fantasy short stories I have in various stages of writing, and over half of them must share the same universe, as they are close in tone.  The other is it’s own character.


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