The Fantasy Trips

For the past few days, my mind’s been on fantasy-based short stories.  Am all on more about unconventional storytelling techniques. So hear I am writing a story, and trying to connect the dots.  It’s supposed to be a short story, and I think it will be, however I don’t know where it ends yet. I kinda like that. Experimenting with using Scrivener to write this story, so I hope I have more milage to it.

Wrote another story on pen and paper that’s also fantasy. It needs a lot of work, but I like that I wrote it out. To that I have to admit writing it out felt good.  It’s just a first draft, and that’s gonna need some mad cleaning up and looking at scenes to see if they work. They may not, and need changing, but I’m a trust the process.

Also been having some chaos dominating my time, and the time others I know.  I’m praying for all of us to be free of the chaos and get some structure to our lives. In part I think It inspired me to keep writing, which works as structure for me. When I have free time I’m gonna write some more.  I can always use note cards and my notepad when the laptop’s not available.

Been working on the outlines for scripts for a TV show with a friend. I need to jump on top of those this weekend. I’d love to see those done.

Happy creative endeavors.


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