Tired, stressed out, and needs to be up to get things done. Still writing, and still making progress even if it’s one baby step at a time.  Today will be about transcribing some notes, getting a couple more outlines done, and typing out some prose written as experiments with words.

Trying to create a TV show pilot script and two additional episodes with a friend, so the hope is to get those outlines worked on. There’s a desire to trim some of the characters out of the storylines, because they aren’t needed, and frankly bog down the plot. It’s a science fiction series, and I want to maximize the characters potential, not weigh it all down.  So far, there’s one outline (needs revisions, and that’s a good thing).

Wrote an eight page script for a friend to draw. She likes the story, so it’s a positive to have a friend like the material. While writing this story, it was revised a few times via outline. Part of having  limited pages is making sure things fit where they belong.  Part of getting this correct was writing out a plot, then outlining, and attempting the script based on the concept. It needed revisions, and finally that internal voice said, “take each page, and write out briefly what needs to be seen in each panel and work from there.”

Watched a lot of season one of Arrow (based on the DC comics character Green Arrow) . At first, it appeared as if it was heavily influenced by the Chris Nolan Batman films, as there are a lot of similarities. However it’s it’s own character at the moment. At the very least being episodic allows for the show to grow and expand characters. If anything is similar between Arrow and Batman (and to a great extent, Tony Stark/Iron Man) to me is all men are billionaires, incredibly cunning/charming/talented, have their father’s legacies to contend with, and have a certain need for duality.

Happy creative endeavors.


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