The Exchange

Will jotted down a few more notes, admiring the the new pen’s smoothness, and how clear he made his words. The other pens were a bit dull in ink, and possibly needed to be thrown out. Will’s computer was into sleep mode with a dancing logo. He paid it no mind. Why bother. He checked his messages a couple of hours ago, and nothing to that he needed to correspond to.

The place was dead. Nobody was around, and the office was silent. No phones rang, no one talking, and it was cold as all get out. He sipped the last of his coffee to at least get his insides warm.  He needed more.  Pronounced footsteps came and closer. He looked up to see Hank, the manager for the day.

“Hank,” Will said. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Will.” Hank made a bee-line to another desk to grab a piece of candy, and darted off.

Will went back to writing down his notes.  The phone rang. The real reason I’m here, he thought. “Hello.”

“Can you send some supplies to room 237?”

“You need the supply room. I’ll connect you.”  Will pressed a few buttons, transferred the call, and checked his computer. As he scanned his emails, there was nothing new.  He noticed the computer screen flashed, and a small camera logo appeared at the bottom of the screen.  He closed out his email.  Yes I’m really here, he thought. He pressed a few more buttons on the computer, and clicked the “break” option on the screen.

Will got up and headed to the break room.



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