The End of September

Finally the weather feels like it’s not trying to cook people. Savannah can get so humid as well as hot. It makes for a harsh time to be outside. Better that cooler temperatures prevail for people. The heat is too harsh. Imagine if one didn’t have a way to cool down.

Today is a head and neck pain day. Fortunately, Aleve makes it all go away. One tempting option is to lay back down, and go to sleep. That won’t happen. Things need to be done. Still the bed and couch sings a heavenly tune of dropping off to La-La Land.

One outline was typed in regards to fiction. It’s rough as all get out, but it’s the basis for a new screenplay. Since there is a beginning, middle, and end, all can be rewritten and adjusted, with the good taken, and the bad, cut and saved for something else.

Still reading. Happy to fill time with novel reading as it fills my brain with something different. Wrote out some ideas late, late last night, and that had promise. Need to jot a few more items down. brace yourself, soon november will be here, and NaNoWriMo will be back upon us.  Hopefully, more peeps will give novel writing a chance. Last year was a fantasy novel.  What will this year be?

Tomorrow starts writing posts as fairy tales or in third person. This shall prove to be a serious challenge, as the whole month will be like this. The only caveats regard any reviews/essays on films, books, or video games, but they must be essays, no the author playing games for fun. Will add to fairy tales, creation myths, songs, poetry, fables, and will come up with some October 2013 label.


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