The Clean Up

This apartment is a mess, and needs cleaning. If it takes a piece by piece effort to maintain, then that’s what will happen.  Strewn about books now have a home inside of a lovely box with a label on top (thanks to Sharpie). DVDs and video games need a similar treatment.  Before the end of October, this apartment should resemble an organized placed so beautiful and lovely. Fear the organization, clutter and dust. Fear it! A new voice is in town, and plans to stay.

Writing and creativity’s been on a low yesterday. The energy and desire fizzled beyond jotting down a few few notes, and that’s not a bad thing.  Didn’t do much writing, and that’s fine. Not all days will have that energy to succeed and thrive. Better that that lull period hit and it leave, then it stay and hover. Lull’s are the worst guests. They drag the day down. At the very least, something was put to paper, and a blog post got published yesterday.  It’s not all lull.

There are potatoes baking in the oven that need more time to cook all the way through. They’re today or tomorrow’s dinner to eat with leftover chili or burgers. Should prove to be tasty as all get out. Breakfast is a simple salad with the last of the roast pork. Delicious.

Happy creative endeavors.



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