Next Month’s Challenge

Next month is a new format for the blog. My friend Shelly suggested writing posts for the entire month of October like fairy tales, or in third person. Since I was looking for a challenge, I think that’s a good way to start. I’m always having ideas, and this is a chance to write something. Hopefully I will sustain the momentum.  Who knows November may produce another theme/topic. My only caveat is any film reviews/essays/reviews. Those are usually done in third person, but I know some of the reviews may contain a personal insight, BUT I will do my best to keep those to a minimum if I get to post them.

Last night, after worrying that I didn’t write enough all day, while in bed I brainstormed. I wrote a few more outlines out for a a few concepts. It started with a few words (hero wanted to A, but B is in the way). Soon I was filling my pages with information.  It all needs to be transcribed onto Word, which I’ll get on top of soon. I’m happy that my concerns, while valid, dissolved into production at a later time. I think I needed to veg out a little during the and enjoy not being ‘active” (granted the mind is always going).

Happy creative endeavors.


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