The Call to Arms

Well it’s not a battle that I’m inferring with the title, but rather a challenge. I’m creative, I have energy. I’m always writing something. Perhaps it’s time to push myself a little harder.  I’d love to see me work more with my free time to get stuff done. Sounds like more drive on my part, but I don’t want to fall into complacency. I know I have to get more done so that I have finished products. So I am calling myself to use the weapons of choice, which is pen, paper, and laptop, to get more completed. I don’t want to make room for slowing down.

Part of creativity is ingesting more stories in various forms. This means reading more, and I have a few novels on my plate. I’d love to write more about them, but I feel the need to finish the material before I discuss it. All in good time, I guess. I have enough reading for the time being, and I want to write all about them, and type out a lot of things I’ve filled in my notebooks.

Part of this is also looking at content and moving past my comfort zones.  Some of my stories have the safest characters, and I so want to push them out of that.  Not that they need to be evil, or cracked out. Far from it., however I like the idea of seeing where I can take many of them without going overboard.

OK, this is my Facebook status:

Once upon a time there was an evil debt fairy, and that slimy trick always plagued the poor…

That hit me spur of the moment, and I kinda want to finish this story. I want to know what happens in the midst in the material.  The next line should be:

…He was within his right, since it was the law, and capitalism demands that the apex predator preys on the weak. “So who’s next?” He asked, as he rubbed his hands together, and licked his thin lips.  “It must be all mine. Everything you have, and everything you don’t have.”

I could go on.  I’m being a goof, now as I’m writing without taking the writing too serious. I like the flow.  I need to do more flowing and less stoppage to (over) think about things. Writing is a never ending journey.  More writing today. I insist!


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