Thursday Goodness

OK, it’s not really goodness, however, it’s a day that started of well. Didn’t get all the sleep I wanted, but I needed to get up and make something for dinner. It’s burgers. Pretty simple too. I mixed ground chuck, ground pork, salt, pepper, onions, garlic, and eggs for binding. It’s in the oven now. Should be done soon.

Wrote more outline  points last night. I will keep pouring out ideas, and will make time tomorrow to type them up. The cool part of typing the material is really having the option to rearrange and edit as I needed. It doesn’t work that way in the notebooks so seamlessly. That’s not to say I don’t like pages with lots of words attached to them, cause I do love the site of a notebook full of ideas and possibilities.

The outlines do need work. Found my mind drifting back to the fantasy story as I wrote on the sci-fi outlines. Likewise I have another sic-fi idea i jotted notes down on, and I want to explore more. Piece by piece, I’m a get things done. There are other works that need a sentence or two of info. I better hop to it.

Happy creative endeavors.


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