Notebook Goodness

While going though my notebook, I found a piece of a paragraph and a story title. I decided to write more on it. I tried an unconventional second person narrative. “You walk into the room and your cousin, Bryce taps his foot until he notices you…” It may or may not work. It’s an experiment.  Also thought about why I wrote the concept down in the first place. It was a bit of dark humor over a situation, which makes me rethink parts of my writing splurge last night.  That’s not a bad thing. Experiments are made for changing.

Today I was inspired to write out a concept. It’s only a few sentences, but that’s all I need for the moment. It’s in a science-fantasy vein, and I like what I’m writing so far. It’s about trying a little harder to be meaner to my characters. Sometimes I don’t make them suffer enough. I have to take the soft touch off the table. This one goes in the notebook, and waits for a burst of creativity.

I also added lines of dialogue to my fantasy story. I wrote them out with a specific voice in my head. A friend of mine suggested trying to change up the voices in the story, as everyone sounds proper and and so eloquent. Not everyone is, and one of the characters is supposed to be ignorant. It meant mixing and matching voices. I will have to trim many words, and do a forth and fifth pass at this.

Speaking of the fantasy story, I wanted to add elements of family to the main character’s life. This meant that I wrote a older sibling for the character, and tried to write him has forceful, demanding, and a bit abrasive. I don’t know if what he says works as such yet. I need to review the material again. Jotted notes on the MC’s parents. Haven’t given them “voices” yet. One step at a time. I think he gets another sibling. A younger one, perhaps a sister. Someone who isn’t abrasive.

The changes morphs the story, as I had a specific plot, and I thought I was going to that.  Will have to go back to my outline and rewrite aspects to reflect the changes.

Wrote some more notes down for a variety of ideas, stories, and concepts. I’m going to need a new notebook soon.  Going to also transcribe some of these soon too.

Happy creative endeavors.


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