Into our Live, Darkness Must Fall (Celebrate)

As I sang out some new lyrics for a song I’m writing (which reminds me to make sure to seriously thinking of recoding them, even for fun), my choice of lyrical topic went someplace dark.

This happens from time to time in my stories. A dark theme will appear. I do have this undercurrent of dark/black humor. It comes from being a little satirical and humorous. I don’t see it as bad, but because I thought about it now, maybe it’s a good time to discuss this on my blog.

The song I’m writing deals with the joys of talking behind someone’s back. I was inspired by someone who did the talking, and had such passion, conviction, and contempt, but only smiled in the person’s face whom they disparaged. Not once did they use any of that fire to tell said person what they really thought. So I took their point of view and made a simple song based on that perspective. Maybe it’s had being fake and self-reighteous. You gotta own that behavior, and many people lack the courage of their convictions.

This also happened in one of my short stories where I chose to use the antagonist’s perspective to tell the story. What I ended up with is a very dark tale, but I loved the final product. It needed to be told that way.

Years ago I used an antagonist’s perspective to tell a tale (undergrad years). It was interesting cause I was embarrassed by the story. It made me sad. I lost the original (it was poorly written). The emotion of that story stayed with me, though. I could easily rewrite it know what I know about the story.

Happy creative endeavors.


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