Low Posting

My blogging frequency went from multiple entries in a week, to a bare minimum. I owe myself a few lines of a post today. I can say, earlier this week, I wasn’t thinking clear enough to write a decent post. I have a couple of started drafts I may reclaim, revise, and post if time allows.

Wrote a letter to God earlier this week, and wondered if I should post it. Didn’t look at it since I wrote it, and I think it needs editing. I wrote it because I was distressed.  Something shifted though. I feel better. I know this in part because I want to cook a meal.  Haven’t felt like cooking in a long time. I do make simple meals, which are good, but I’m talking southern throw down cooking; Mac & cheese casserole, collards, rice, and BBQ ribs. I want that meal. LOL

Still writing.  Trying to work on the making the voices for some of the characters distinct. Currently the characters all have a sameness and formality to their voices. At some point they need to have their own cadence so I took out a pen and pad, and rewrote several lines. So some lines have a second pass already.

Happy creative endeavors.


2 thoughts on “Low Posting

  1. My rule has been to post everyday. And to post something everyday means I’ll have to do something worthwhile everyday. Hence the challenges I take up. Check them out (my about page).
    Your blog will be flowing.You’ll do awesome things. You’ll use up time. You won’t waste time.
    It is an amazing feeling.

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