Could Use Some Coffee

It’s been a draining week with me wearing several hats and trying to get stuff done. Currently I feel the need for sleep after going to bed late, and waking up early (didn’t want to, and if I had my way, I’d go lay back down). Cooking some chicken for later, and I am happy to get it out of the way. Need to chop some veggies for salad. Perhaps some tea is in my future. I also need to drink more water. Three glasses is too easy. I need a few more to keep myself hydrated.

While I felt like a real hot mess, I kept writing. That’s always great. A small victory means a lot to me. Been working on the screenplay exercises. Made some plot points for a three act story. Out of curiosity I wrote out six pages of the screenplay. I thin pushed myself and wrote six more. This was just me experimenting in Word. It’s nowhere near formatted or using the correct screenplay software.

Part of the reason I started the screenplay is there’s something to be said for all the knowledge I possess in my head. Also I needed to keep up with actual writing of the texts. Plotting out ideas, and looking at the structure is all well and good, however I feel sometimes I place too much emphasis on the planning, and not in the action of doing the writing. My short stories, and the novel writing was never about outlines. I dove in.  Some stories were better off for it. Others weren’t so lucky. I don’t mind going back and resolving stuff.

For me, writing sometimes changes things. For example, I didn’t like parts of the story.  As I wrote characters and situations, some things made less sense, and other things felt more convincing.  If I’ve learned anything in writing is to trust my guts when it comes to making adjustments. Also that a lot of things can and will change. The one thing that’s staying consistent is the genre. This is a fantasy-based story. I haven’t worked out all the kinks yet, but I don’t want to. Some things must unfold. So long as I keep working towards the goal of completion, I believe it will be fine.

I did wonder what medium I’d be using. When i first imagined the concept, I didn’t know if this was a graphic novel, screenplay, or a TV show. I’m leaning towards a TV show at the moment because I’d like to expand on some of the characters, and that may not happen in a screenplay.

Happy creative endeavors.


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