It’s A Messy Thursday

It’s messy in the sense that I am having some sleep issues. FIrst wide awake late, late at night, and semi-sleepy in the morning. This is not how I intended to work my days. I need a day of rest. Gonna pray that I get  my sleep patterns in order. I don’t think I’ve ever been this out of since I stopped drinking coffee.

No writing this morning, as of yet, but I need to get that underway. I’d like to transcribe my outline for the plot I mentioned last night. I may need some strong tea this morning with less than half the moral sugar I use.  Trying to cut a lot of the sweets out. It feels excessive a lot of the time,  and I want to enjoy the tea without drama/too much sugar.

Nibbling on almonds. I can hear my mom saying, “almonds is not a meal.” She’s right, of course. It’s my in-between meal snack. TIme to make something to eat.

Happy creative endeavors.


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