Sunday Morning

Had to turn the TV off. Watching Law & Order SVU got too distracting for me; I sat and watched instead of cleaning up some, and getting something to eat. I feel a little silly for not doing what I need to in order to have a productive day.  I’ll play music instead. I’m writing the paragraphs between getting some stuff done around the house, which is not bad. Also I need to prepare a meal. The problem is I don’t feel hungry, and that could lead to me being hungrier later than I anticipated, which isn’t fair to myself.

Washed all the dishes, and need to take the garbage out as well as clean off my coffee table so it looks neater. Be the bight spot in my living room.  One step at a time though. I feel that if I overwork myself nothing will get done. I do know I want the garbage out of my apartment soon.  It’s tied up and ready to go.

Writing was at a standstill last night, but I did manage to make plans to write today. I have my notepad ready, and I also have some research material with me to inspire the mind. A few things I want to work on is getting my foundation for some scripts and screenplays together. It feels like those haven’t been worked on, and I sincerely want a portfolio. I need to get a couple more screenplays together, and the scripts for some TV shows I’ve let percolate for some time now. Even if it it’s just a paragraph or two worth of info, I want it down on paper.

Happy creative endeavors.


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