A Little Lazy

Is there a such thing as “a little lazy?” That’s who I was yesterday with video games, and the calmness. It made the day sweet. Did some note-taking and writing, so it wasn’t all lazy. A spurt of ideas here and there. No real stories to talk about. To be fair to myself, I have done some critiquing for the writing workshop the day before, and a recharge was in order. The not taking consisted of world-building for a science-fantasy type story. I’m thinking this will be in comic book scripts. Four issues. It’s influenced by my constant gaming, and love of animation. Something tells me I just scratched the surface of this, and if wonders how far to push this story.

My “ultimate play through” of the Dragon Age games is going well. In hindsight I should have created a warrior mainly because I wanted a couple more trophies the game offered. Well, that’s done with for the time being. Right now Dragon Age Origins is done. Will go onto Dragon Age Awakenings soon, then the DLC for the games. Then it’s onto Dragon Age II. The reason for this play through is that the saves from this game will have impact on next year’s Dragon Age: Inquisition, which I’m looking forward to playing. When I was writing I completely put the gaming down, so this is a catch up of sorts.

So am I really being lazy? I think not.

To all: Happy creative endeavors.


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