Third Draft Done

The short story got its third draft, and now it’s off to my writing workshop group. I didn’t finish revising last night because it was far more fun to goof off and watch television. I knew when I got up I’d have to address the revisions, so that’s what I did, as well as make some food for dinner. Not pleased with my slacking off, but at the same time, I made up for it this morning. It kept me busy, and that worked out well. It’s not like I had something pressing this morning.

For the record, the workshop is a great way to get feedback (besides friends). I needed to push forward and get more and more feedback from unbiased eyes. That’s not to say my friends give me endless praise. In fact it’s quite the opposite. They tell me what’s on their minds in a constructive way. I always appreciate that. What I get from the workshop is the same thing with more eyes seeing different material. Who knows. The story may not be liked at all. It may be loved. it may be middle of the road. I go in with no expectation of brilliance. I do hope I entertained with my writing, and I find ways to improve the content.

Happy creative endeavors.



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