Monday On the Go

Didn’t blog over the weekend, and partly because I was mulling over an essay that I haven’t completed yet. Sometimes writing is like baking (needs time). Other times, it’s like a salad (raw). I have a lot to sort out. This did not mean I wasn’t writing other things.  Had a spark of ambition for a set of short stories, which I did a little mapping, and wrote out some paragraphs. I need to write at least a few more paragraphs today.

Spent some time critiquing other people’s stories. This was a pleasant change of pace. It allowed me to offer help and advice. I’m not a harsh feedback type of guy. I liked being able to offer some insight and share what I loved about other’s writings. It’s a good way to give help to others., and I love helping others. It brings forward the notion that there are like-minded people having similar struggles with writing. If I can help, I really want to well for fellow writers.

Speaking of feedback I need to edit my own short story. I’ve given it sufficient time to rest, so it’s like looking at it with fresh eyes. Been peeping it over. I know I want to add more descriptions, at least, and clarify what I think is cloudy. In addition I restarted working on a story treatment for a screenplay, and the start of a TV show. Those are going to be one sentence at a time, as I wrote out a few things yesterday, and I hope to get them into the start of something. At this point, for both of them I’ll take that. I want to see material on paper.

Happy creative endeavors.


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