The Bump and Grind

Today is about the bump I received from being asleep by mild discomfort. I felt felt mighty war, and couldn’t really enjoy my bed. After a tossing and turning I got up to check my air vents, and the temperature, and it’s 75 in spite of setting the thermostat to a little below 70 degrees. That meant calling the apt manager cause the AC is not working. It needs more freon, which is what it sounds like, but my house is getting warmer. Not good for relaxing. No hot tea for me. Maybe I’ll make a cup and ice it, or make ice cube of tea.

The grind is for coffee grinds I wish I still drank cause I am up early, uncomfortable, and wanting a real pick me up. I swore off coffee since it makes me heavily congested, and let me tell you, it’s not pretty, and spare you any more details. It was never really good for me, and years ago it really was at its worse when I drank it regularly. Tea’s supposed to make me feel better, which it can sometimes. It just can’t be hot tea. Not today. 

Last night I did some more research on writing techniques, and still have more to read. Before bed, I stated two new short stories. Both have paragraphs to their name in my Notes app. I’ll keep adding to these as I feel a need to sit at the laptop and write more of them too. So the possibilities are open to their creativity and expressions. One of the stories I conceived in my head last weekend, but didn’t feel committed to it. The other was spur of the moment, and I’m sure it’s going somewhere. I may write a few more paragraphs as time permits, and since I’m awake before schedule, why not? I did start on a list of short stories I wrote or did want to complete, so I can add these to the pot. 

Happy creative endeavors.

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