Get It Together

It’s hard to get up and go today. Some hot tea may change my perspective. Went to bed and nearly fell asleep the moment I got comfortable. Today doesn’t have that chaotic rush.  Been doing research for the past few days for the short story I was working on.  I needed to look up some material to lend some authenticity to what I wrote. Needed to look up genres as well, since I was ill-equipped to judge the merits fully.  I can say it wasn’t a horror story, and I wrote the story without consideration to genre and how it fits. In many watts, getting myself to write and forgetting the trappings (which really aren’t trappings), helped me get stuff on paper.

I’ve also looked back on several other short stories I wrote with a keen eye as to what I wrote. If anything I think I blended some elements, and I need to look at them and revise them again. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I accumulated a set of short stories. My goal will be to collect them, revise/update/research, and make attempts to get them published.  So this upcoming weekend I have my work cut out for me. I need to list them first. I can do that now.

One thing I want to do is keep writing, and looking over material. Some items I did write in genre. For example, I have a pieces written in fantasy, psychological horror, literary, and fables. None of those fit together, but I’ll still develop them. The ones that do work together have literary ambitions. I need to keep up with this as I think they are publishable.

Happy creative endeavors.


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