Why So Serious: Part Two

So I got up today and my wifi simply REFUSED to work. Needless to say I thought it was damaged, and there’s no money in the budget to repair or replace it.  For the record, it worked fine last night, and I was more than satisfied with its capabilities. Part of my good night’s sleep relied on the fact that some things would be the way I left them.

So I had a tint of panic in my mindset. I thought it was the signal/connection, and within a short time I’d have my back, and I can veg out a little, and do some reading. The wit persisted in not working. Boy was I upset. Contacted my service provider, and they “refreshed” the signal. Still, nothing happened. I thought of how I was not going to have a good day because either my wifi devices were broke, or the service was somehow broken.

What it took was a test and a reboot. Connected directly to the computer, and watched the service work. Next I unplugged everything, gave it ten seconds, and restarted them. Suddenly everything’s working again. So crisis resolved. No need for freaking out (much). I hope this doesn’t happen again. BTW I spent the time apart from the net watching Law and Order.


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