So I’m on Bioware’s forum site because I’m obsessed with Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the teaser info we get, and the discussion on the forums. Yes, I’m enjoying every bit of speculation, and the promise of this game to explore the world of Theadas (in game world), and because I’m a sucker for the lore, gaming, and this RPG in general, I WANT more. So participating, and reading comments from the writers and developers makes my day. I have yet to finish my “ultimate Dragon Age playthroughs” yet. Still on DA: O (mage-but I also created a rogue, cause I like poisons and swords). Took a break so i can enjoy my days, and I need to do writing of my own.

Speaking of writing, I’ve yet to edit the short story. I did write up some ideas for it, so it moves slow. Obtained feedback from some peeps, so I’m processing the comments as well. A lot of good feedback to, and a lot more to do with clarity of issues. I’ll have to discuss genre soon, because I simply wrote with little regard to genre, but it contains elements of dark humor and transgressive fiction. This means thinking of the genres and even what works and doesn’t. It also have a literary bent/influence, and I need to learn how to improve my descriptions without going over the top. Needless to say I’ve been researching some things.

I should add I’m glad that I know I’m gonna have to rewrite, but part of me loves not looking at the main file for a few days while it cools off in my mind. I wouldn’t mind taking a week away from the main file as I can always write out passages in my Notes app, or another Word document. Off to more adventures.

Happy creative endeavors.


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