Draft One Completed

At last, draft one for the short story is completed (eighteen pages – not bad)! I am so happy with the results. To rewind: After I consulted with some friends on a concept, the idea that resonated the most was to try it as a short story, so I did. Worked on it daily (thanks to my Notes App- was able to write nearly all the time), and now I have a completed draft.

The next step is a cool-down while I do some research on the themes, and ideas that I wrote about, that may or may not help me with shaping the story. Also I’ll have to do a pass for grammar, and one for formatting. Never mind one to clean up the dialog, and one to read out loud to see if I like what I hear.

Finishing this story has been good for me, as I know that sometimes it’s hard for me to complete some projects. I put a lot of effort into getting this story done, and to first draft status. It makes me want to write more.  First things first. I want that research done. If I find a few good articles on the topics, then I’m great. As I typed this post I was inspired to add a few more lines.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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