Page Ten and Going Forward

Yesterday I hoped to make it to page eleven of this current short story, however, that didn’t happen. I would not call this a defeat, as I did get to page ten (full), and I need to account for the fact that I was busy, and my time was placed elsewhere, and I still managed to churn out a page. I’m guessing my weekend is going to be me getting more work done. Also to be even more fair, I wrote a passage I wanted to take my time and get through. The protagonist comes to a reveal she can’t escape, and my first pass at her realization needed to have some weight to it.

I started drawing again, and it’s been a while, and a possible collaboration may come from this, so I want to see where this can go. Potential is everywhere, and I find myself trying to stay focused on one thing (like this short story), and other things pop in my head. All in due time. The goal is to keep moving forward, and I do remember saying, in the past, if I had to write a story one sentence at a time, I would.  So today could be page 11 or half of that. So long as I make progress, them I’m doing well.

I plan to break out the sketchpad, pastels and drawing paper soon (the archival stuff). I have a lot of ideas I need to get out, as opposed to my doodles on post-it’s and notecards.  That reminds me. I was telling my brother about my artist person, and how he (my persona) is a creature of the ID, and accepts to filters or limitations, unlike my (often) mild mannered self.  His response was, “set him loose.”  I love my brother. He has the right idea.  What do i have to loose?


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