Type It Out

Today is the day to type out this short story. At the very least to force me into writing more material for it. I hope to get six pages typed today. It’s fifteen pages unwritten, and that reminds me of other stories I started in my notepads that could use a Word file created for them.  I still have the psychological horror story I wrote (note to self: change the POV on that story to first person).  I have a couple of fantasy stories I wrote out as well. Since I have free time, I’ll look at them, and start them a file. They could stand a page or two typed pages this weekend, and work from there.

Woke up early today. Don’t know why. Typically I’ve been wanting to get up late, and I’ve been hating that. Sometime this upcoming week I’m going to have to find the time to get a haircut while my hair is looking manageable. All these thoughts come into play when I wake up. Avoiding sitting on the couch at the moment (and I want to make up my bed). That spot on the couch has the power to make me procrastinate hard. It’s good for gaming, and movie watching, but not for typing, unless I feel the compulsive need to write.

Off to writing, and finding a good playlist until I get bored of music, then it’s all about the movie as background noise.

Happy creative endeavors.


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