A little incoherent when it comes to gathering thoughts this day. It seems my ability to wake up at a decent time is hampered this week. Last night, I managed to write more of the current short story before going to bed. If I have to take it a sentence at a time, I will. It’s time to look at the tense scene and write it out. If I fear it still, and may have to write a quick outline, and get it out of my system, but I feel that’s getting ahead of the story. If it can be written down, good or bad, then I can revise.

Today is about moving forward, and hopefully ideas will flow, and also I can get myself organized. Notice when I have shared space, I will organize the heck out it. Need for that to happen at my apartment. It looks a mess, and I have the to make that change. In fact I’m a start now, which is the best way to close this post.

Happy creative endeavors.


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