Quick and Dirty Post

Neck pain is all upon me, and I am pressed for time.  Was looking for films to watch. I want something new. Need to go eat something, and drink some water. Will have to cook later on today. It’s all going in the crock pot, and cooking overnight, but I need that kitchen cleaned up too. Didn’t do much writing last night, and I feel a little fearful to start. Morning anxiety and apprehension needs dispelling. Admittedly I felt a lot of blah last night, which would explain my lack of true enthusiasm.  Today is a new day. The question is what kind of story do I wish to write today?

Aside: I got bored as well as blah last night, looked though my Notes App, and saw a a little narrative called “Tater Head Woman.” I sent it to a couple of people. Both thought it was goofy, if not surreal. All I could thing about is that the title should now be, “Tater Sack Head Woman.” So if you can imagine a woman with a potato sack for a head looking for love, you’d imagine what I came up with a while ago. I was amused with that. Now to take care of my neck pain.

I say to myself, again, I need to get stuff done. Let all the other stuff roll off my back.

Happy creative endeavors.


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