Sunday Lunchtime

Yesterday I tried to get myself together and focus, but that’s not didn’t happen till later. One professional writing project I’m doing at work shapes up nicely, and still needs work. I’ve spent time researching, revising, and it’s a set of instructions for students and visitors to my place of work. What started off as a set of individual sheets on topics really developed over the past two months for some real comprehensive material. I like the thought of producing comprehensive text. It makes me feel all academic, and reflects a lot of my background.

From now on when I say, “I’m being lazy, I need to shut up about that. I’m writing all the time at work and at home. Clearly I love writing. Why is a day off suddenly “slacking?” I know I always tell myself “I should be writing more,” and I try, but I need to be fair to myself. I put in a lot of time on projects, and focus on other things isn’t a bad thing.

Perhaps I’ll post some of what I’ve been writing in the future, as a sample of what I’m doing. It’s still not ready, in my opinion. I remind myself not to beat the horse about perfection. At work I was sitting at my desk, reading the material aloud. I caught a few typos, which is always good.  Several sentences didn’t make sense at all, when read aloud. I was like, “how did this get past me?” I see it now.

Failed to make dinner the day before, when I should have put it in the crock-pot. Some days I’m a mess, and that’s not cool. It did mean I had to spend $6.00 at Taco Bell, and I pray I don’t regret that excursion. Let’s be honest, Saturday was not made for cooking, it was made for gaming. I have to eat that consequence.

I was on break when I wrote the bulk of this post. Break time means I can listen to music (via headphones), and type this out on my own laptop. I’m not even posting this until I get home, and use my own internet access. Had a friend once get accused of “stealing company time” for blogging. She had to explain to too many people that pre-set times for her posts from her home, but people don’t think like that, and it was a hassle before it got resolved. So, I want to enjoy my break, and leaving what’s on break, on break.

Came home to writing out an idea I had from a dream. When I got up it stayed on my brain, BUT it got lost in the shuffle of me doing things. I forgot completely about it until I set foot back in my place. Sudden;y I was like “write it down. I have that free time. So now I contemplate how the logistics of this could possibly work, when I have other things on my plate I have yet to resolve. Can’t help but be brainy in these moments.

Happy creative endeavors.


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