Creative Muse Strikes

Yesterday I found myself being a bit lazy, and gaming more than anything. My hand was cramping. That’s too much gaming. I know better. Stopping the gaming was slow to do, but it was worth getting “lost” in games. It let my mind wander a lot, and gave my day this sweet touch of forgetting any or all woes for a short time. Also I was bold and talked crap to the game. Best stress release ever. I need to play a few different games though. A fresh challenge will change my point of view.

Speaking of gaming, I worked on developing archetypes. In joking with a friend I mentioned how I could make an RPG based on the archetypes, and subverting them with contemporary constructs. I never realized until that moment that I understood some roles, and how clear they could be, when I created some characters. I must apply these values to other stories.

Last night, when I got into bed, I found myself with my notepad writing more on the short story I mentioned before. What’s cool about this adventure – is in my head -I started to resolve a lot of things, and I knew what direction I wanted to go in with the story. I also know it’s purpose: This short story is a way for me to get into the world of one of the side characters. After all, he’s narrating, and he’s told me many things about his and this world. I need to make a few things personal in the story for him, some scenes to make things more personal. Challenges yield more challenges. There needs to be some mad revisions, which I don’t mind, and I put notes on the side of the paper so I will remember some of them.

So later last night, I dreamt up a weird story, and kept this one fresh in my head so I can write it down. It’s fun to have ideas. All in good time.

Happy creative endeavors.


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