Let’s Keep it Moving

Well yesterday I found myself with a lot of ideas, and jotted them down in my notebook. After a few pages, I needed to write them down.  Found myself busier, and one last idea came to me, and I put it on a note card. Finally late last night I had one idea before bed. It was me, my notepad, and a flashlight (to keep in the margins) getting that last thought on paper before I fell asleep. Speaking of sleep, I dare say I had a better time at sleeping than I did the day before. My sleep pattern has been erratic and I  made sure to attempt to go to bed a little earlier. Went to sleep within a short while.

Sometime between now and Sunday, I need to type these ideas up as well. I like the ideas, because some of them clicked in my head, some some of them, not so much. I hope to look back on some of the ideas, reclaim and revise them.

Dealing with the onset of a headache, and that’s never good in the morning. Nibbled on some fruit, then I took some Aleve. So now it’s a waiting game for the pain to go away. I don’t mind waiting, so long as the pain does go away. If not, it will be a long, long, day. If it gets worse I have to close down the laptop, write anything else out by hand. I hate looking at the computer screen with a headache, and the screen only seems to add to the discomfort.


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