The Mean Sleep, Inventory, and The Wasteland

Thursday I had a killer headache that took it’s time going away. Later that night, I went to bed late, and woke up extra early on Friday, which took the fun out of being able to relax. Was shocked by my alertness, and I knew this didn’t bode well for my concentration. For most of my awake time, I felt sluggish and unable to focus. Eventually the allure of laying on the couch found me, and my blanket and pillows soon followed.  I fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon without a care or worry in the world. I didn’t even realize I was tired up till that point. I awake and I was rather surprised how long I slept, and how much I needed.

I managed to go to sleep at a reasonable time, and I slept late (yes I did). I have a lot I want to get accomplished today, like cleaning my kitchen, throwing out the garbage, and going to the store for something to cook. In the meantime I’ve been doing some inventory of all the projects I started. I took some stock, and I realized I only have  a small percent completed. So I need to take my handwritten list, and type it out so I can have a master list in my files. Must also transcribe all the concepts I wrote out the past week.  The headache appeared to stop me from constantly writing them out, BUT it just means get them down on file as soon as possible.

The Wasteland was supposed to be serialized on my blog. Something interesting happened on the way to writing down the first couple of pages longhand. My metaphors and descriptions (which can sometimes go over the top) spoke to me in a different way. Let me explain; the characters ceased to be who I thought they were, and took a turn down a different road. The story became surreal, macabre, and very bizarre. I didn’t know what to make of it. This is the true story, as it spoke to me, and demanded to be seen like this. What i thought was a kinds of “day in the life” adapted into something unique. I never experienced this for. Now I wondered how this would look visually. This meant me wondering if I could make this into a graphic novel, or a screenplay.

That kinda kills it being serialized on my blog, which in some ways is sad, but at the same time a good thing. Had I not attempted to write this out, and resolve the issues within the story, and for blogging, I would not have came up with these developments. This only makes me wonder about all my other stories, and how I may, or may not have been writing them, and not ignore the possible surreal elements in them, but explore their potential.


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